Frequently Asked Questions About Limo Service

How far in advance should I schedule my service?
Generally, advanced notice of 7 to 10 days is required to schedule an hourly service. Because the limo industry is route-based, it can be difficult to find a matching run for your limo on short-notice. Expedited pick-ups (with less than 7 day advanced notice) can be arranged but changes or errors increases from last minute communication. Weddings should be scheduled at least 3 months in advance if possible to avoid sell outs.

Where will I be picked up?
ULC offer door-to-door service, which means we will be happy to pick you up and drop you off right where we start. All runs that we quote over the phone include up to 2 pick up address, 3 destination points and 2 drop off’s at the end of the night. Anything else may be subject to extra fee’s due to the cost involved.

Many cities also prohibit busses from going down minor roads (such as suburban roads). So for all Party Bus runs we prefer only 1 pick-up address and 1 drop at the end of the night. Please note that all runs involving the consumption of alcohol can’t begin in any parking lot where everyone has to get back in their vehicles at the end of the night and drive off.

Do I need to be present if I am paying but not riding in the limo?
It is strongly recommended that you (or a person you designate) be present for the pick-up and the acceptance of the service when we arrive. The chauffeur will also need to show you the vehicle to inspect if you wish for damage before any service begins involving alcohol. We also need proof of ID and a credit card imprint as a security deposit for all guest using the limo for the night. Being present at these times ensures that you verify the vehicles condition, which is important should any problems arise. If you’re not going to be present and want to be held as the responsible party for the contract, then we would need your proof of credit card and ID faxed or scanned and sent to our office for proper documentation for the contract. All runs involving minors parents are strongly urged to be present at the pick up location.

What type of license or training does the chauffeurs have?
Most of the time, your chauffeurs will all have commercial class B or A endorsements along with Passenger Endorsements for all limos greater than 10 Passengers. This means they have gone through the DMV written commercial driver’s test and passed as well as a behind the wheel examination. They also must always have a valid medical card on file which is good for a physical exam every 2 years max. Many limo services never tell you about this information because they don’t want you to know and then if you’re limo ever gets pulled over it runs the chance of being towed. Refer to the video provided by us on the Tips page.

All ULC chauffeurs go through 3 weeks of training, both in class and out in the field doing dry runs and with other experienced chauffeurs. It takes a special type of person to be able to handle all different crowd types, from crazy teenagers to retired adults, and we look for the best there is in the business!

Can we split up our group or sit in the limo and just idle and party in it?
It is important to let us know of your plans ahead of time before any issues arise we can help you out. Splitting up of groups for any reason is not allowed in the limos for liability reasons. It is also a requirement to never allow a group to split for all commercial drivers according to the Commercial Driver’s Handbook of the DMV. Additionally, it is also illegal in the state of California to operate a vehicle at idle for more than 5 minutes. Therefore, just hanging out in a party bus with nothing to do is firmly discouraged.

Can I leave things in my limo?
This practice is discouraged. Putting a few items in the trunk is OK, but generally not much more than that is allowed. It is also important to note that any personal items left in your vehicle are solely your responsibility. Damage or loss of any kind for any reason is solely on you. If something is left behind and we find it, we will be happy to hold it for you for pick up locally.

How Does OT work?
The majority of other limo services charge a full hour of OT even if you go over only 10 minutes of that hour. It is important to understand that ULC overtime only starts after 10 minutes of the scheduled drop off time and is pro-rated every half hour. After 40 minutes of the original scheduled drop off time would be rounded up to the full hour of OT.

What method of payments are accepted?
ULC only accepts credit or debit cards for deposits. The remaining balance is paid to the transport carrier upon delivery by cash, money order or cashier’s check. You can also pay off the remaining balance of your reservation with a debit or credit card, though a 3% transaction fee will be put into effect on the total remaining balance due at time of service.

How can I check on the progress of my limo?
ULC will provide you with your driver’s cell phone number at any time the day of the service is to commence, which will enable to contact them at any point. Also, our dispatchers always have access to the whereabouts of all our vehicles through an integrated GPS system, which allows them to communicate with your chauffeurs while they’re in the vehicle. You can call ULC Customer Service at any time and we will contact the driver on your behalf.

Are you fully licensed and insured?
Yes! All limo service carriers are required by law to carry insurance to cover you and your guest inside the vehicle during transit. In addition, ULC carries umbrella coverage that provides an extra level of protection. ULC carries 1.5M insurance for all smaller vehicles less than 15 passengers and 5M insurance for vehicles with capacity greater than 15 passengers, as well as all busses. You can view our company online with the California PUC as well as all the other companies in the area.

What happens if my guest get sick in the limo?
ULC’s sick fee is $300 per incident, so please make sure you let your guests know this is something that you will be holding them responsible for if you have to pay this cost. Unfortunately, we only have our contract with one person, and we require all runs involving alcohol to be held with a credit card security deposit of at least $300.00.

What if I have a change in plans? What do I do?
Changes are not a problem. Dates and addresses can be changed just by giving us a quick call. There will usually be no charge for an address change if it is in the same city or adjacent town. Address changes the same day of service are strongly discouraged. In the event of a cancellation, your deposit would be non-refundable. Cancellations within 24hrs of service may result in a 100% charge, which can be used as credit within a full year of the date of service was scheduled to commence.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
In extremely rare cases like a flat tire, or in the event of any breakdown, that portion of the time the vehicle is in-operable will be refunded t the client if no other substitute vehicle is available. ULC can’t be held responsible for things outside our control like road closures, accidents, etc.

What is the difference between a broker and a carrier?
ULC Limos is an actually carrier. We hold our own license and own all our own vehicles. We also work with an extensive affiliate network should the need arise in case we may need to use a vehicle for circumstances in the customer’s best interest, such as if a vehicle is in-operable or broken down and we need help. Brokers are services like limos.com that connect you with the actual limo services.

The most negative thing about this is you’re dealing with the broker company which doesn’t own their own vehicles and don’t have any control over the drivers, the chauffeur training, etc. They rely on a ‘hands off’ approach, which can truly backfire because they have no idea how well the vehicles are being maintained or the driver’s are being trained or even making their random drug testing as required. So be careful dealing with any brokers out there like limos.com.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?
A deposit is required to insure that you are actually placing an order and not just shopping for quotes. A deposit of 20% must be received before we guarantee a vehicle for you. A deposit also locks in the rate you were quoted so that it can never go up as they sometimes do during busy times of the year.

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