Prom Party Bus Rental

Prom Party Bus Rental Service

Prom nights are nights that signify high school students moving on to bigger and better events. Start early by leaving behind small and archaic limousines and renting a fully loaded, luxury ULC PARTY BUS.

Your prom date will thank you for providing them with room for up to 40 prom goers, leather couch seating throughout and a 3000W stereo system to keep your prom pumping well after it’s over.

And parents have no fear. Should you have any reservations about sending your children to their prom and fearing what they might do the Party Ride can provide on board security insuring that their prom remains safe and sound. Call us toll free for details.

Rent a Party Bus for Prom

Your prom is a special night and the prom party bus ride wants it to be a night you remember. All our party buses are fully insured and meet all safety standards. Only the best will do. Get it now before anyone else does

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