Insurance and Permits

General Liability : The limousine and party bus industry is full of very dangerous companies that most likely are not carrying the full amount of insurance coverage required by the PUC and permits are revoked or suspended.

ULC stands for United Limousine & Charter, Inc.  Our state operating PUC number is 20184.  You enter is in this screen and you’ll get all the companies insurance and information in regards to our operating permit.  If the permit states that our company is active, that means we are current with all the states requirements to operate a limousine and party bus company which are many including but limited to:

  1. All drivers must pass a background check with ULC
  2. All drivers must be enrolled in our drug and alcohol random testing program
  3. All vehicles must be fully inspected for safety and maintenance weekly by our certified mechanics
  4. All fee’s and taxes due to California have been paid
  5. ULC has passed its most current CHP inspection usually at least once per year and every new vehicle added to our fleet.
  6. ULC is in full compliance with all insurance and workers comp requirements.
  7. ULC is in the DMV’s pull notice program, which informs management if any one of our drivers gets into any accidents or has their licenses revoked for any reason.

These are just a few of the requirements every transportation company needs to have met in order to keep their permit active and the website is refreshed daily.  Insurance companies notify the PUC daily if insurance is not kept up or if companies are behind on their payments.  Generally speaking, the lower the PUC number the older the company has been in business.  So, if you see a company with any numbers higher than ours they’ve been around less and lower means they’ve been around longer.

ULC carries insurance bindings of 5 Million dollars. Most limo services only carry the bare minimum of $750K.

Workers Comp:  ULC actively carries 1.5M in worker’s comp insurance for all our employees. Most limo companies (especially the smaller oes) try to avoid this expense at all cost and don’t carry it at all. We are a full 100% legit company covering everyone from our passengers to our own employees at all times.

Additionally, our insurance policy covers the liability of independent operators/contractors who can handle the jobs for us in any emergency situations. You are fully covered by booking with us at all times. Here’s a copy of our active insurance policies.

As a consumer, the lower the number generally means that this company is less risky of sorts, because many companies go out of business fast or have their PUC numbers rejected for not complying.  Parents need to be very careful when choosing a party bus company, kids are only set on how cheap they can get the buses for and don’t realize that many of these “cheap” party bus companies are cutting a lot of corners and can be very dangerous to the kids.  Don’t be fooled by these scam artists.  They are usually hiding from the PUC, have their old run down buses hiding somewhere in storage and not paying insurance required by law.  So, the kids are not safe.  Be very careful when choosing any party bus company.


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