ULC Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fee is based on pick up location and the time your reservation is cancelled:

If your pick up location is: Cancellation prior to pick-up to minimize cancellation fees must exceed:
Airport Anywhere in the US 2 Hours
All Specialty Vehicles (Limousines, Busses, etc.) / Hourly Runs 24 Hours


Cancellations that occur at less than these time frames will result in a charge of the base as referenced on all trip confirmations sent via email for every reservation.

Additionally, in the event the reserved base fare exceeds $200.00 (U.S. equivalent), the minimum cancellation fee is 20% of the base fare irrespective of when the reservation is cancelled.

For special events and/or specialty vehicles, the cancellation fee is cancelled within 24hrs of the service date there is a 100% cancellation charge. All cancellation notices within 24hrs must be given via email in writing to [email protected]

The cancellation and other fees set forth above also apply in the event the passenger is not available for his/her scheduled pick-up.

Click on the links provided below, to download the Contract form.

Please fax back application at 562-947-6261

Contract Form

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