26 Passenger Party Bus




5319 University Dr., Ste #162 Irvine CA, 92612

From $120/hour

Call Now: 888-902-0902


Seating up to 26 Children and 24 Adults




Ice Complimentary


Disco Lights, Fiber Optics, Neon Lights, Strobe Lights


Premium Sound system


26 Passenger Party Bus Rental

Don’t worry about how rugged this party bus rental is from the outside. It might be a tank, but there’s zero compromise on luxury. Really, it’s always what’s on the inside that counts! Like all our limo rentals, it’s outfitted with luxury leather seats, a great sound and video system and special neon & fiber optic lighting. The tank comes equipped with a vertical safety rail and spacious dance floor to dance your night away! No matter where you expect to get your entertainment from: CD, DVD, mp3, Auxiliary, TV, or whatever else you can think of to entertain your group! Think outside the box and inside the rental party bus! If you’re looking for a party bus rental that will be able to hold all of the fun and adventure that your party is willing to have, then the 26 passenger party bus rental is your vehicle of choice! Make sure that all of your close friends and family are comfortable by getting them a ride in a private rental party bus on their way to your event! Chose a ride that will be both safe and comfortable for your special day, and make a lasting memory in a vehicle that will surpass your expectations! You’ve never seen anything like the vehicles that ULC has to offer, and you’ll never see anything quite like what we have at any other party bus rental company in the area! With top of the line vehicles and rental services, you’ll have a hard time riding your average, ordinary car to work the next day. So if having a great time and making the most of your night is something you’d love to do, then don’t hesitate – pick up the phone, make your party bus reservation, and thank us later!

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