Party Bus Specials

LA VIP Club Package
People say the fun doesn’t start until you reach the club, but does it really? Crammed into a car with close friends, the long lines and cover fees, sharing the dance floor with dozens of other people who are far too close for your comfort? If that’s a fun night, count us out! You’d have a better time staying home reading the Facebook updates about all of your friends who are doing REAL partying. Here at ULC, we have standards, and those can’t be met unless our clients are having the time of their lives – which can’t happen if you’re waiting in line! With the LA VIP Club package, not only are you escorted to the head of the line and taken straight to your own VIP lounge, you get to arrive in one of our amazing, decked-out, fabulous, eye-catching party buses! Travel in style and safety as you pre-game with your friends in one of our top-notch buses, complete with fiber optic lighting, laser light shows, ‘vertical safety rails’, comfortable padded wrap-around seating, and a serious stereo system that plays mp3s, iPhones and Androids, CDs, and DVDs! With no cover fees and no lines of people waiting to haggle with the bouncer at the door, you’ll cruise right in with your party, amped up from your ride on one of LA’s and Hollywood’s finest party buses, ready to dance until the sun comes up! Don’t worry about trying to sober up for the ride home either – after all, you’ve got your personal escort making sure that you get home safely, soundly, and without a DUI. Nothing says buzzkill more than cutting one of your friends or yourself off at 11pm so that you’re good to drive around 1 or 2am, right? Everyone can enjoy the fun with the LA VIP Club Package, and no one has to make the ultimate sacrifice of being DD. Why settle for just ‘going to the club’ when you can have a night of your life that’s worth remembering? Let ULC treat you right, and get you everything you need to make sure that you never have to stop the party, or the fun. If you’re serious about packing enough excitement and entertainment for a whole month into one day, then you need to try our LA VIP Club Package – or else spend half your night chatting up strangers while you wait in line to just get in to your favorite Hollywood or LA Club! Why settle for a second rate night when you can get first class service and be treated like a celebrity? Call today and see which LA VIP Club Packages are available near you!



Wine Tour Package
Setting up plans for a tour to your favorite winery, but having trouble picking your designated driver? Well now you don’t have to! With ULC’s Wine Tour Package, you can taste the finest wines at one of our listed venues, enjoy good company, and save yourself the hassle of finding transportation from someone who doesn’t want to join in on the fun. Experience a tour that can entertain both the most cultured wine enthusiasts and unknowledgeable average Joes alike. These wine tours, which can last the whole afternoon, or even weekends or weeks, are more of an experience than just a wine guzzling competition. Embark on the history of wineries, and educate yourself on the wine process and what makes wines taste so great. If you’re going to the wineries certain seasons, you might even be able to pick some of their grapes and have a taste! Take a tour of the vineyards and walk amongst the rows of season’s harvests, taking in the pure grandeur of the wine making process. After a hearty look around, you’ll be invited inside to sample even heartier wines! Talks amongst your friends, have a ball, and see what your senses can tell you about different wines. Everyone can enjoy the experience with a personal chauffeur escorting them safely and in a timely manner. After all, no one wants to be late for a wine tour! And why should the fun stop there? ULC provides Party Bus Wine Tour packages, so the whole gang can get together and sip the day away! Don’t leave a single friend out, and don’t worry about getting home safe – ULC has got you covered! We’re here to make sure you have a fun, entertaining ride to your Winery, and a safe vehicle to transport all your newly acquired wines back home with you! Why not make a day of your wine tour, and leave all the driving and hard work up to your chauffeur – after all, that leaves more time for you to enjoy the wine! Since we’re partnered up with biggest professional touring companies, we’ll be able to help you through your itinerary, and make sure you don’t miss a single event!

Casino/Vegas Run
Feel like you just need to get away for a weekend and leave all your troubles behind? ULC is here to help! With amazing Casino and Vegas Run packages, we can make sure you have the experience of a lifetime – before you even reach your destination! Stop planning the shift changes for friends to drive on your way to Vegas, and start planning how much fun you can fit into the bus ride across state lines! Why sit down cramped in a car for four hours when you can be dancing, drinking, and having a great time as you head towards a vacation you’ve dreamed about for months! Start making plans for how many casinos, restaurants, and attractions you can visit in just one weekend, and stop worrying about how you can trick your friends into driving more time than you so you can get some shut-eye and stop staring at the endless expanse of road! With a complete stereo system, AM and FM radio, AUX capability, CD and DVD players, fiber optic light shows, fully stocked with ice, water, and whatever beverages you want to bring aboard, you’ll almost not want to leave the bus when you arrive! Maybe your plans need to be a little closer to home than Vegas, and that’s okay! ULC offers Casino Packages as well! Even if it’s within state lines, you’ll have an out of this world experience traveling to your favorite casino in a fully stocked and reliable party bus from LA and OC’s favorite Party Bus provider! Why take a gamble on trying to squeeze a handful of friends into one car for the long drive ahead? Invite up to 50 of your closest friends and make a weekend worth remembering! There’s only so much fun you can have in a cramped, hot car with a maximum of five of your friends, assuming they’re all down for the long drive ahead – with a party bus, you’re friends will be begging you for a spot for your personal party on wheels. Get the party started as early as you want – you don’t need to be in Vegas to start the fun! Relax and enjoy a safe, comfortable trip in a fully-equipped party bus that’s locked, loaded, and ready for adventure! Why wait? Plan your trip now so you know just how big you need to go for your Party Bus; after all, no one wants to tell their friends that they’re all out of room on the fun train!

Prom Party Bus Package
You only have one senior year of high school, and only one night to celebrate the end of your high school days, and the beginning of adulthood- Prom! For this special event, ULC has Prom Party Bus Packages catered to fit everyone’s needs – budgets for parents, and awesome party buses for kids! We work with you to make sure that your night goes exactly as planned, from every pickup to every drop off, and any detail in between! Make this night one to remember, and hang out with your closest friends from start to finish – with buses that can hold up to 50 passengers, no one has to be left out! ULC’s promptly arriving party buses will take you in comfort and style to a night of remembrance of your youthful years, and celebration for what years are to come after! Everyone’s going to be there, but no one will be arriving in such style and awe as you when you pull up in a party bus! Who wants to ruin their new dress by sitting down in a cramped car as your parents drop you off at the event? Stand up, dance around, and enjoy comfortable wrap around seating that’s sure to keep your dress fresh! It’s a once in a lifetime occasion, so you deserve to have as much fun as possible! All of ULC’s top notch buses are equipped with enough entertainment to keep your party satisfied until you reach the real event: AUX connection for mp3s, iPhones, and Androids, CD and DVD players, fiber optic lighting and light shows, and lasers make the whole package complete! Don’t waste your time alone in the backseat of a car when you can be surrounded by friends, celebrating this amazing time in your life! Worried that mom and dad might embarrass you when they wave goodbye and scream “I love you honey!” as you and your date pull up to the scene? Fear no more! Play the part of a movie star or celebrity as a personal chauffeur transports you to your event, and politely and kindly helps you with your every need. Tell dad he can put away his tux and stop waxing the minivan – you’ve got a party bus to catch!

Sporting Event Package
It’s the big game – you’re pumped, you’re excited, you have to go! But who wants to draw straws to see who the poor guy who has to drive is? Let us be the ones to get the short straw for you – and upgrade your normal vehicle to a fantastic party bus! Get your biggest sports fans together – same team or not! – and have a blast as you head towards the big game. Pump yourselves up with pre-game partying, utilizing the fiber optic lights, lasers, mini-bar, AUX, CD, and DVD capability, and plush seating of your private party bus to get yourself amped about going to watch your favorite team hand the other guys a plate of humiliation! Sure, you could always call up a couple friends, drive over in separate vehicles or cram everyone into one, then cut yourself off from drinks during the final quarter of the game in preparation to drive home. But why go through that monotony for something that you truly love? Make the big game a big event, for both you and your friends! How are you supposed to cheer on your favorite players if you aren’t even excited about going to game? Well now you have all the excitement needed, and more, with a portable fan house on wheels! Cheer on your team, sing a couple songs, and dance like you’ve never danced before! Perfect environment for pre-game preparation, and amazing opportunity to let your spirit shine! Not sure who to bring along? There’s plenty of room for your team and theirs, as ULC has buses from 16 to 50 passenger capacity, so get a hand count, pick up the phone, and make a call to reserve your spot today! The Sporting Event Package is one play that the whole team can get behind! Whether you support the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Heat, Ducks, or Kings, everyone can enjoy a Party Bus on their way to the big game.

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