10 Best Party Buses of All Time

August 19th, 2014

Birthdays, pre-wedding outings and many other occasions inspire people to find unique ways to commemorate these special events. One idea that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the party bus. Party buses offer a safe, convenient mode of transportation for a night of festivities. Party bus rental companies have created many unique themes for their vehicles to give their customers a memorable celebration and have a lifetime of memories they can share with their friends and family.

British Style Party Bus

The Rosebury is located in London, and offers the most luxurious vehicle in the industry. This vehicle has an onboard luxury cocktail bar on the first level and a first class dinning area on the second level. The interior of this vehicle is made from the finest oak, best leather and shagreen by the country best craftsmen. This vehicle is perfect for any corporate occasion or just a Sunday drive with your friends and family. For those seeking a sophisticated gathering may choose the Roseberry.

rosebery_gallery18 rosebery_gallery21 rosebery_gallery25

Game On Party Bus

Game Truck located in Tempe, AZ. has revolutionized the bus entertainment industry with their arcade style buses. These buses provide a very social atmosphere for people of all ages. Their buses are equipped with the latest gaming consoles and with the most popular multiplayer games. These vehicles provide one of the safest alternatives for teens to enjoy their birthdays or any other occasion and are perfect for corporate team building events. Gamers and non-gamers can compete for the top dawg award and have bragging rights at the office or school. There is a party bus for almost every style and budget. Come onboard and have a great time.

game-truck game-truck-bus gametruckbus

Island-Themed Tiki Party Bus

Tiki Party Bus Rentals located in Detroit, MI. offers 18 to 30 passenger island themed party buses to give your event an island flavor. From the minute you step inside one of the vehicles you will feel like you are on your own island retreat with your closest friends and family members. These party buses are perfect for any event from bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings or proms, you are bound to enjoy the island decor to and from your outing.

tiki-party-bus1 tiki-party-bus tiki-partybus

London Flashback

Cheyenne Bus Co. offers charter, tour and transit buses with a British flair. Their buses have been completely restored to their original style but with an updated modern look and feel. The buses offer Wi-Fi, iPhone controlled system, a karaoke machine, lounge seating for up to 60 passengers, flat screen television, power generators, a great sound system and a wood bar.

Give your event a British flair with the Double Decker bus. This vehicle is an authentic British double decker bus that has been fully restored and refitted for social gatherings.

cheyenne-bus-company cheyenne-party-bus cheyenne-partybus

The Oasis Party Bus is An Oasis of Fun

Emporer Limousine based in Addison, IL. offers a very unique party bus, The Oasis. The Oasis party bus seats up to 30 passengers, has everything you need for a night to remember from a wide body for more dancing room or just more leg room. The party bus is equipped with the latest technology and most popular features in the party bus industry.

oasis-partybus oasis-party-bus party-bus-oasis

Rolling Dance Club Fluxx Party Bus

California Party Bus offers the Fluxx party bus an impressive vehicle that can hold up to 45 passengers. This distinct bus is also referred to as a Rolling Dance Club, due to the ample room for you and your guest to dance the night away or rock out to your favorite tune without leaving the vehicle. The Fluxx is perfect for any event from a wine tour to concert transportation, a trip to a club or anyway you choose to use it for.

fluxx-party-bus the-fluxx-party-bus fluxx-partybus

A Kid’s Dream Party Bus

Kid Party Bus has transformed a 1940 city metro bus in the ultimate Kid Tumble party bus and playground. This vehicle is perfect for kid birthday, holiday, rainy day and any other kid of party. This bus will pull up to any location and turn a boring day into on that will be filled with joy for the entire family. Although this party bus is intended for kids even the adults can partake in a game of Guitar Hero or action sports. It has plenty of seating for parents to join in on the fun! Children will love the Tumble bus. Let the party come to you as this mobile playground features that will be the hit of the party.

tumble-kid-bus tumble-party-bus tumble-kid-party-bus

California Dreaming and Partying Party Bus

California Party Bus offers the Golden State themed party bus in the Bay Area. This party bus is one of a kind designed to amaze a dazzle every passenger that comes onboard. The seats are hand-stitched made from ostrich leather for comfortable seating for p to 55 passengers. Sit back and enjoy the laser show while watching you favorite music videos or dance the night away with your friends and family on your way to and from your destination. California, here we come in the festive feel of the Golden State is theme of the Cali bus has much to offer occupants. Rent this party bus for any occasion from corporate getaways to weddings, wine tasting tours in Nape and more.

cali-party-bus california-party-bus cali-partybus

These are just some of the amenities on the Cali bus that will make each event an adventure.

Nothing Like It Party Bus

Unique Party Buses offers the unique International 30 passenger party bus rental in the Inland Empire. This vehicle is equipped with disco laser lights, chrome and fiber optic ceilings, with a dance pole and coolers to keep all your beverages cold. Start the party before you arrive in this luxurious party bus to ensure your guest are ready to get into the swing of things before the concert, club, or any other event you choose to rent this vehicle for.

Just as its name implies, the Unique bus offers a one of a kind part experience and the amenities it offers will make your celebrations a night to remember:

International-party-bus unique-party-bus International-partybus

Hot Pink = Hot Party Bus

Think Pink for your next party. The Pink party bus has everything you need for a great party. Limousine Annarbor offers a Pink party bus in their fleet in the city of Ann Arbor, MI. All of their party buses come equipped with plush leather seating, built-in coolers, bars, multiple HD televisions color-changing walls and ceilings, a dance pool, and more.

pink-party-bus pink-partybus pinkpartybus

Which bus was your favorite or did we leave one out that you believe is better than anyone one of these buses? If you think there are others let us know by posting a comment in the comment section of our blog and we would be happy to review your suggested bus and add it to our list if we agree.

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