Booking 30 Passenger Party Bus Through ULC Party Bus

June 13th, 2014

My friend was getting married and it was up to me to make plans for the bachelor party. Now I had heard about party buses that were designed especially for such nights so I thought of trying that. An internet search for companies in LA led me to ULC Party Bus.

Since there were quite a bunch of us I decided to ask for a 30 passenger party bus from them.
Booking party buses from them turned out to be quite a breeze and the bachelor night was fun. The black bus that I had booked arrived on time and all of us could sit in it comfortably. It had all the modern fittings onboard – from Xbox to Dolby stereo speakers that kept the party going on. They even gave us complimentary soda, water and ice onboard. The party buses from the company are fitted with plasma TV’s and our bus also had a 40 inch plasma TV with stereo and DVD system. The premium sound system made it possible for us to enjoy the night and we danced all night away on the dance floor area in the bus. The 30 passenger party bus helped us have our own private party on wheels.

Some of the other features of the party bus include leather seats with black interiors and exteriors that helped in making the ambiance more comfortable and enjoyable. The bus also had private partitions so that we could enjoy some privacy. Overall our experience and bachelor night on wheels was a success and we loved being there. The services from the company were prompt, their bus was well maintained and the staff was well behaved. Thanks to ULC Party Bus, I was able to turn the party into success and everyone enjoyed it. Booking it was also easy as I could do so online and didn’t have to go anywhere.

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