Easy to Book 50 Passenger Party Bus

June 13th, 2014

I was organizing a friend’s wedding and bachelor night and was looking for the right transport, Limousine party buses. I wasn’t sure which vehicle should be booked for which occasion and finally came across ULCpartybus.com.

The company provides with party buses and luxury vehicles on rent for special occasions. The executive there suggested that I can book a 50 passenger party bus for the bachelor’s night and told me about limousine party buses and other luxurious vehicle that were available with them and at discounted rates. Booking the vehicle through the online site was easy.

The testimonials given on the site suggested that the company offered good services so I decided to take my chances. I wanted to book a 50 passenger party bus and I could easily get it on the site. They have a wide range of buses that included buses for up to 24 passengers, 25 to 32 passengers, 35 to 40 passengers and 40 to 50 passengers. I booked the biggest one so that it could accommodate everyone comfortably. The bus arrived on time on party day and was definitely comfortable and well-equipped. It had everything that the site promised. There were upholstered leather seat, three dancing poles, fiber optic lightings, Plasma TV, disco lights and a number of other interesting features. We all enjoyed the night thoroughly. Since the company had provided good services with the 50 passenger party bus, we decided to get limousine party buses and other vehicles from them only. We booked stretch limousines for the guests and the groom and bride as well.

These vehicles were upholstered with leather seats, were well maintained and had great audio-video system so that we could all enjoy ourselves. Since we had made our booking early and through the online site, we managed to get a good discount that helped us save on the expenses. I was quite happy with the service and my friend was pleased with the arrangement as well. The company was professional in their approach and offered great services with the rental vehicle that made everything easy for us. They offer customize vehicles for rent as well and maintain a good fleet of vehicles.

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