I Found The Perfect Wedding Party Bus At ULC Party Buses!

June 13th, 2014

Hiring a wedding party bus has always been on my marriage to-do list since I felt partying onboard some nice wheels would be fun. The only thing I was not sure about was the rental prices. I didn’t know how much companies charged and did not want to

spend a lot as well. So what I decided was that I would first contact different rental companies and then see what company had the most competitive party bus prices. This is how I came across ULC party bus, which is apparently quite well known rental company in LA and surrounding areas. It had a good fleet of wedding party bus and Limousines as well.

As compared to the other companies that offered rental party buses, the prices with this company were fair and the services that they offered seemed much better. Browsing through the company’s website helped me to see the kind of buses that they had and then book the one that could accommodate all my guests easily. This facility helped me know more about the available buses and then decide on renting one that suited me. Since I had invited about 48 guests, so I booked the largest bus that they had. I had booked the bus in advance and this helped me to get a good discount on the party bus prices which helped me to save more.

It was designed for 40 to 50 guests and was quite spacious. The features of the party bus were mentioned on the site and the vehicle that was sent to me was the same. The wedding party bus was well maintained and had a good dance floor. My guests also loved being on it and danced all night long. Apart from the dance floor, it also has fiber optic lights, neon lights, a great sound system leather seats and plasma TV that added to the party ambiance. The company offered us great services and the party bus prices they charge was well worth it.

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