Party Bus vs Limo for Wedding Day

September 18th, 2014

When renting transportation services for a wedding event, many people want to enjoy riding in a formal vehicle that is comfortable and safe to travel in. A traditional limo is one of the main choices that people consider for the special day for a high-end luxury vehicle that offers a roomy interior. The car also makes quite the impression when pulling up to the ceremony or when used to transport the bride and groom. Although most people consider a limo as their primary choice, more people are now opting for renting party buses for the fun and excitement that they offer. With both a party bus and limo to choose from, there are several options to consider between the two vehicles.


Instead of worrying about your wedding party arriving to the ceremony late or guests getting lost on the way, a party bus can make for a fun way to travel that allows friends and family to spend more time together on the way to the ceremony. The party bus will offer more seating options than traditional limos, which will allow more groomsmen or bridesmaids to travel together. The party bus can also be used to bring along more bags, luggage, or items that are needing for the wedding ceremony than a limo.

Renting a party bus allows each passenger to have fun and get noisy in an environment that is more relaxed than a limo. Guests have more room to stand, dance, and countdown to the ceremony while making memories in the vehicle on the way. The high ceiling and wider vehicle makes it easy to have more freedom to move without feeling confined in a sedan. This allows the passengers to take photos, enjoy flashy lighting, and even watch television during the ride for transportation that is anything but typical. Guests will also feel comfortable with their formal attire and having room for large dresses that they may be wearing for the wedding.

Another perk of a party bus is the luxury of the ride, which isn’t compromised with the design and amenities of a larger vehicle. Many people may worry that a party bus is a less formal option for the wedding, but a party bus features the same luxuries for a high-end way to travel.

Renting a limo on a wedding day is ideal for smaller wedding parties who do not have as many passengers to bring along. A limo will feature leather seats, complimentary beverages, and a professional chauffeur who will make it a point to provide exceptional service with the transportation. A limo also offers more privacy than a typical party bus as the driver is in a separate section of the vehicle that is closed off from passengers. The bride and groom can make conversation in privacy or have more seclusion for an intimate way of traveling.

Limousines may also feature neon lighting or television screens inside of the vehicle for a fun way to travel with the bridesmaids or groomsmen. Passengers will also have complete control over the radio settings during the ride.

When choosing between a limo or a party bus, the bride and groom should consider the amount of people that they want traveling together in one vehicle and the level of fun that they expect to have before making their choice.

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