Party Buses

Party Buses

Everyone is always asking what’s so cool about a party bus? What’s the most exciting thing that goes on in all the party buses on the road? Why do people keep tell me that the most fun they’ve ever had is in a party bus for their birthday? Well, the answer is very simple, what’s happens on in the party bus stays in the party bus. The actual stories never leave the party bus, that’s rule number one! The party bus is nothing more than your own VIP room at your favorite club, for just you and your very select best friends.

When did these party buses first become popular? Most people never got a chance to take a party bus to their prom when they were teenagers, right? Where were we when all this fun was going on? Today everyone is getting to go on a party bus whether it’s for their wedding, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or just to have a super fun night out on the town. ULC party bus is Southern California and the world’s most exclusive, up to date party bus company with the highest grade party buses you can find anywhere. We have at least 3 party buses in our fleet right now that are even less than six months old. They’re practically brand new! We have everything from gaming systems, to super amplified 3000 watt stereo systems, to Plasma TV’s and IPod hookups, and even the famous dance poles! With United Limousine & Charter, you won’t ever have to worry about getting into a club, because we’ll hook you up with some the local area’s most prominent and respected club promoters in all of the area. Why? Simple, they use all our party buses too! So it’s easy to get them in touch with our customers and get everyone free access to the hottest and most exciting clubs on the planet.

Customers always ask, what should we bring on the party bus? Well, that’s a great question and you never want to forget to download your most recent favorite soundtracks and artist to your I-Phone or Galaxy phone. We all have our own music tastes, so download your favorite music and be ready to dance the night away! Another great thing to bring on your party bus is some of your favorite drinks and mixers. All ULC Party buses come equipped with bottled waters, and plenty of complimentary ice. So, add your favorite alcohol and mixers to this and your welcome to even bring on your very own cooler stocked.

Party Buses

Now, before you go out and have the time of your life on one of our party buses, make sure you don’t plenty of water, so you don’t get sick! If it is for your 21st Birthday, please make sure you bring only friends that are over 21 years of age, because any minors drinking alcohol can incur huge fines and possibly worse. We here at ULC, want everyone to be safe and get plenty of hydration because when you take out a rental party bus for the very first time, you don’t know just how much fun you are about to experience. Make sure you bring your camera because the memories will last forever!

Here a recent testimonial someone shared with ULC Party Bus regarding their experience:
“I just want to let everyone know ULC was the first party bus rental company I’ve ever used. These guys came to pick me and my family up for a sporting event and take to Dodger Stadium for opening day. The party bus was awesome! Great service overall! ULC even came through for us with a last minute party bus after another local company backed out on us at the last minute! Thanks Again ULC, and I’ll be sure to tell everyone about your great service!”

When getting a party bus from any company, we always recommend you come on down and take a look for yourself. We have an excellent reputation and have nothing to hide, so anyone is welcome to come on down anytime. Everyone who thinks they’re going to get a party bus only once is in for a great surprise, because you’re going to have so much fun you won’t even remember where all the time went! Enjoy our party bus website, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions after you’ve had a chance to browse around a little! We have people standing by in our sales offices Mon-Sun from 8am to 9pm daily. Thanks Again and have fun browsing around.

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