Proper Etiquette on a Wedding Party Bus

October 29th, 2014

Party buses are exciting to experience. They are spacious, care free, fun, luring, and great for wedding parties. Transportation can be arranged for just about anywhere.

Although everyone is there for a fun time, there is proper etiquette to follow to ensure the entire time to be had is pleasant, fun, and safe. This will ensure the party bus experience is amicable for all the passengers and the driver. Here are some things to consider when renting a party bus:

proper party bus etiquette

Invite List
Up to 55 passengers can ride in a party bus. Space is not an issue for even a large wedding party. Be sure to invite the entire wedding party and obtain confirmation on who will attend.

Inquire whether or not the tip for the driver’s service is included in the price. If gratuity is already included in the price, then it is not necessary to leave the driver an additional tip. Should the tip not already be included in the price, it is important to leave a tip with the driver. The driver works hard to be on time for your event and provide great service, which adds to a great evening for you. The driver also looks out for the safety of everyone on the bus. When the driver does a great job, it means you have the opportunity to enjoy the event with no worries. The proper tip to leave would be 1 dollar per person on the bus or 15% of the overall cost of the rental.

Rules to Follow
Make sure you and everyone in your party are abiding by the law. Renting a party bus does not make anyone exempt from the law. Have fun, but keep the fun in perspective. You do not want to have any drunken mishaps on the bus or in public. Also, keep in mind that drinking on the party bus is illegal. Sometimes the drivers allow or even offer some alcohol on the bus, however, should they get caught, they could lose their license.

When a group of people are together having fun, the tendency is to get loud. The laughter, singing, joking and great conversations are part of the party and it is expected. But be sure no one is being a distraction to the driver. You do not want to cause an accident.

Typically in party atmosphere, people tend to let loose, including leaving trash around. This is not a cool thing to do, especially in the party bus rental. Make sure the trash gets put where the trash belongs – not on the floor or across the seats. This keeps the driver from having a mess to clean up and it keeps your party cleaner. If everyone follows the rules and proper etiquette, likelihood of you being allowed to rent a party bus again in the future should not be a problem. Follow these tips and the event is sure to be a success.

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