Saving Money On Limo Bus Rents In Los Angeles

June 13th, 2014

If you are having a party in Los Angeles then you should consider hiring a party bus instead of several limousines. The bus is a great choice if you are partying in a group of 10 – 50 people and in some cases, some can hold even more.

One of the advantages of party bus rental is that you will get to enjoy the night without having to worry about a designated driver or transportation to and from the event. Some of the events that can use a party bus include prom night, weddings, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties among others. Once you hire a party bus, there are several amenities that you will get on board. However, you can add or remove some of the choices depending on your budget. Some of the standard amenities include comfortable seating, beverages and other entertainments.

If you go with a more exotic bus you can expect to have leather seating, smoke machines, TV’s with a DVD player, laser light shows, stereo systems, disco balls, lighting displays and fully stocked bar. In fact, some of the more exotic buses will have private areas in the back for those wanting to be secluded.Because party bus prices in Los Angeles can be quite high, there are certain things you can do to bring down the costs. A standard bus can cost about $200 per hour and that price can get quite high if you get a fancy bus. One of the many ways that you can bring down this cost is to share the cost with other passengers on the bus. If you are going to your prom, organize your class so that the cost of hiring the party bus is shared among the whole group. This will make it quite affordable One of the other things you can do is to reduce the amenities that you get on the bus. You may decide not to use the smoke machine or not to have the lighting display.

In addition, you may decide to keep the drinks non-alcoholic, or make it a cash bar so that the cost is not added to the rental fee. It may be a good idea to go with a standard bus especially if your group cannot afford a luxury or exotic bus. Some of the buses tend to provide strippers and have stripper poles already fixed in the bus. You may choose to forego the strippers and have a DJ instead.Another thing you can do to reduce the rental costs of a limo bus in Los Angeles is to actually do some keen research on the rental companies around you and bargain for a good price. You can also look to see if you can find some rental companies with cheap party bus options. However, be careful with this because in some cases cheap might prove to be quite expensive in the end!

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