ULC Party Bus is the Place to Get Party Buses From!

June 13th, 2014

We were looking for party buses to take us to a Bon Jovi concert last month. Ours was a huge group who’d decided to go together, so we could settle for nothing less than a 20 passenger party bus. We looked around a lot for companies that offered party buses, but we couldn’t find any decent ones.

Then one of our neighbors told mom how they had hired a 20 passenger bus from ULC Party Bus for a Southern California wine tour, and how they had been happy with the service. We decided to give them a call. We had hired party buses and limos before in the past, so we knew how it was with the companies in California. After we gave ULC a call, we decided to go down to their lot and check out their party buses and the 20 passenger party bus they were going to hire out to us in particular. We thought it’d just be another one of those rundown companies with transit buses on offer, so we didn’t get our hopes high. And then our jaws dropped to the floor! As soon as we reached the lot we were shocked by the sight of shiny new party buses that were just lying around. We were really impressed, especially with the kind of rentals they had quoted us on the phone! We decided to ask again just to be sure, and we were quoted the same price. We booked the 20 passenger party bus on the spot!

The party bus they rented out to us came complete with big-screen plasmas, X-box, stereo music, everything! It couldn’t have been better, we couldn’t have hoped for more! We had a ball at the gig, and then continued on with the partying aboard the bus. It became a night we’d all remember forever!

We’d like to thank ULC Party Bus for making our night so memorable. It was their 20 passenger party bus and their low rentals that made it all possible! I heard Matchbox Twenty is touring again; look forward to hiring their party buses again!

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