Recently we were looking for a party place which is economic and offers space to enjoy and laze around. Well I was disheartened to know that all places were too expensive and did not match the budget for small celebrations like birthday parties, bachelor parties, kitty parties, personal and small professional celebrations. In a discussion I came across my friends idea of hiring a 20 passenger party bus. Well this was pretty cool and we
What could be the better way to get around seeing Los Angeles city other than using limo bus rental that knows the areas extremely well? Not only they know the in and out of the city, but are familiarized with the best restaurants, clubs and bars. They know the quickest way to reach various tourist destinations and other sporting events. When I earlier shifted to Los Angeles, the first thing on my mind was to
My friend was getting married and it was up to me to make plans for the bachelor party. Now I had heard about party buses that were designed especially for such nights so I thought of trying that. An internet search for companies in LA led me to ULC Party Bus. Since there were quite a bunch of us I decided to ask for a 30 passenger party bus from them. Booking party buses from
Hiring a wedding party bus has always been on my marriage to-do list since I felt partying onboard some nice wheels would be fun. The only thing I was not sure about was the rental prices. I didn’t know how much companies charged and did not want to spend a lot as well. So what I decided was that I would first contact different rental companies and then see what company had the most competitive
If you plan to go on a party with your friends or family, you would surely require a Party bus. This is the perfect idea to celebrate a get together with absolute fun. Imagine all of you sitting in a single bus and enjoying a ride while singing your favorite song, laughing out loud and dancing in the gallery of bus between the seat lines. These all activities add to your entire experience of celebrating
Few things could be as exotic as arriving for a group event in limousine party buses. Group events, as the name indicates tends to involve and event or a function where people know each other personally or are related in some way or other. It could be anything from a prom night, a bachelor’s party or a corporate conference. ULC Party Bushas a host of limousine party buses that serve such kind of purpose. Mostly
If you are on for a big rocking party and want to make it special, there are certain things that you need to add in your plan. While planning for a real party time, the first thing you need to decide is looking for a destination, where you can head to and have a gorgeous fun time. The next important thing is making the journey beautiful by opting for such a transportation means, which lets
Prom party is one of the most exciting events during college time. Both the junior and senior students want to have a grand bash that day. Everyone wants to flaunt his/her unique style so that they can impress everyone present in the crowd. To make such an impressive remark on people’s minds, it takes a lot of planning. Apart from shopping for wardrobe, making the outlook superb and trendy, arranging an exclusive Prom party bus

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