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June 13th, 2014

Are you looking for the most affordable, respectable and glamorous party bus company in all of Southern California? United Limousine & Charter is your one stop source for all the newest party bus rentals in all of Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County.

Additionally, we now have party bus rentals in San Diego County, which is our newest home as of 2014. All ULC’s party buses are equipped with awesome sound systems, TV’s and monitors, IPod hookups, and fiber optic and strobe lighting to light up the dance floor area.

There are a number of concerns everyone should have when determining what party bus company they should go with, since there are so many. First, whenever renting a party bus for you first time, always makes sure you ask the company you are speaking to whether you can physically go and see the bus before renting a party bus. Why? Well, because about 50% of this party bus industry is filled with brokers and scam artist that will take your money and run. They are not operating legit and know that anyone can put up a website, steal a few party bus images online and start their own fake party bus rental company. Therefore, always ask for their address and whether or not you can physically come down and see them face to face. Even if you don’t even plan on it, or don’t have enough time to do it, ask the question anyways and just get a feel for what they say when they answer your question.

Once you find a company you feel comfortable with, now’s time to check out if they belong to any industry associations or the BBB. These are very important, because most brokers and illegally operating companies don’t associate with these reputable organizations. They usually cost the party bus rental company money to join, and be a part of the association. Also, always make sure you get a contract from the party bus company you are working with, because you never know what could happen on your special day.

Everyone always asks, can we just get a party bus to drive around in circles for hours and hours? Can we just have the driver just sit idle in the bus while we hang in there and party all night? Well, the short answer is no, not exactly. At ULC, all our party bus rentals are priced out with minimum hour rentals and in order to get the lowest price possible the bus must be sitting for at least one hour giving the driver their mandatory break and the vehicle a rest. This allows ULC to keep costs down and in return keep your cost down, as our customer. As an example, the price for a four hour rental from Orange County to Hollywood is going to be about half the price of a four hour rental from Orange County to Las Vegas. Why? Well because our costs are much, much higher and we know the vehicle is going to be running straight for the entire four hours. This is the reason why in order to get our lowest pricing guaranteed, the vehicles must be resting in order to help get our cost down. This is usually not that difficult because everyone usually has something in mind or somewhere in mind they want to go already.

So, you might ask, where can we go in the party bus once we rent it out for the night? Well, we can think of a number of things you can do. One of the most popular things people do is get our VIP club package for their Birthday, and we put them in direct contact with our club promoters that work in Hollywood at all the night clubs. Rent a party bus from ULC, and get into the club for free! Better yet, make the party bus your own personal club the whole way there and back as well! The party will never stop! Other special events customers frequently rent a party bus for is to take them to sporting events like the Dodgers and Angels games. Wait, let’s not forget to give our shout outs to the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. ULC is the best place to consider renting a party bus from if going to any of these exciting sporting events in the local area. Rolling up to Staple Center or Dodger stadium in a party bus is about the coolest thing anyone can do!

Last, we at ULC really do care about each and everyone’s safety at all times. Please note, that anyone renting a party bus must make sure they also invite responsible guests along with them to celebrate their special occasion. Due to the fact that there’s a lot of drinking involved, it’s very important that safety is paramount while riding in all ULC party buses. We ask that everyone remain seated while vehicle is in motion, and no one sitting on the seats. ULC has probably the best reputation in the industry for providing the safest transportation available in a party bus, so we want to make sure everyone is aware that this is extremely important.

Last, please go ahead and browse around our website to look at all the most current models and pricing for each and every party bus ULC has in stock. You should be able to get a quick quote, look at a video, and see multiple photos of each vehicle you may want to rent.

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